Welcome to BMore Natural, for pain relief through Massage and The Dorn Method.

Taking time out from our busy lives to focus on our wellbeing can effectively reduce the risk of stress-related conditions such as muscular tension, illness and fatigue and help us to function at our optimum levels more of the time. Hands-on therapies such as massage and the Dorn Method can provide instant and longer term relief and support you in finding long term self-care solutions.

As Practitioners we are not able to make claims about massage being beneficial for specific conditions or symptoms, but this article in Neurology Now speaks volumes about the health benefits, and those of you who come for regular sessions know for yourself how effective it can be.  What I can say is that clients typically arrive seeking relief for headaches, neck or shoulder ache, general back ache, sciatica, or generally feeling’out of alignment’.

At BMore Natural we have successfully treated a wide range of symptoms with Massage and the Dorn Method. Our client base has been built largely from recommendation and referral and we work closely with other healthcare professionals, which means that if you don’t feel an improvement in 1-6 treatments we can refer you for ongoing care.

If you are seeking natural pain relief and are interested in Massage Therapy or the Dorn Method of gentle spinal realignment in the Tonbridge or Kings Hill areas then please call Natalie on 07932 726 802 for a no-obligation chat or to book an appointment.

Kings Hill Back Pain Clinic

Now open in the peaceful and comfortable Regus building at 26 Kings Hill Avenue, West Malling. Please call Natalie on 07932 726 802 or visit www.kingshillbackpainclinic.co.uk for more details or to make an appointment.


The DORN Method

Dorn is a very gentle and safe manual therapy which was developed to focus on the causes of common Back and Joint pain. It is a Complementary Therapy to Orthodox medicine, employing techniques which have been designed to correct misalignments of the spine and other joints using a dynamic approach with full active participation of the client. Learn More»

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy works by releasing tight muscles and which in turn can aid relaxation and reduce pain. It is one of the oldest therapies on the planet and something we learn the benefits of in childhood, when we are guided to 'rub it better' if we hurt ourselves. From light relaxation massage to deeper therapeutic massage, all treatments are tailor made to your requirements. Please feel free to call to discuss how massage might be able to help you. Learn More»

The Road to Recovery

You have come for a treatment and have hopefully left feeling better than when you arrived! As you start to improve you have a decision to make. Do you continue with maintenance sessions to allow the body the time and support necessary to fully heal or do you stick with a one-off session and abandon the investment made so far? Decision time! Visit our Blog for more articles like this»
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